Wednesday, October 3, 2007

CPS/CardMaker Sponsor: Creative Impressions

The next of our fine sponsors is Creative Impressions. Creative Impressions carries a wide array of embellishments such as brads, spiral clips, bookplates, loops, turn mounts, printed ribbons, organdies and twills too! They also have some amazing new flowers that were released at Memory Trends!!! Creative Impressions has generously donated a $50 gift certificate for one lucky contest winner. Here is what designer Keri Sereika had to say about Creative Impressions:

Have you ever found yourself looking for that perfect touch....the final item that would perfectly finish your paper crafting project, only to find you didn't own the right item? And that none of the store's in the area carried it? Well have no fear we have the perfect site for you! Creative Impressions is a store filled with lots of fun embellishments! From ribbons to rick rac and brad to buttons, cork paper to creative clips and eyelets to everything else, Creative Impressions probably carries what you need. Their product comes neatly packaged in either consumer or SUPER CONSUMER sizes. They are one of the best places on the web where the average consumer can buy in bulk at reasonable prices. So next time you find yourself needing to restock your embellishment drawer be sure to stop on over at Creative Impressions and let your mind run wild!

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